Five media careers promoted by the Creative Media Industries Institute

This institute supports Atlanta’s media industries by preparing students for the workforce with hands-on experience in their chosen field.


Here are some possible careers for Georgia State students considering the Creative Media Industries Institute.

  1. Students interested in a job within Atlanta’s film and TV production industries can exercise artistic vision by making use of the CMII’s production studio.
  2. Georgia State students with a passion for video gaming can transform infatuation into a career of their dreams by participating in the CMII’s wide variety of game development instruction.
  3. The CMII research labs familiarize tech students with virtual and applied reality so that they can land careers in the fast-growing interactive world of digital media.
  4. The CMII partners with music related companies around Atlanta in order to acclimate students to the music industry and possibly land a career at one of the city’s many recording studios.
  5. For self-starting students that want to be their own boss, the CMII’s media entrepreneurship program demonstrates the necessary knowledge needed to launch a media company and turn abstract ideas into reality.

By offering students opportunities to gain real-world experience and increase professional appeal, the Creative Media Industries Institute intends to facilitate careers in these areas and many more.

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