Second Helpings Atlanta: Partner Agencies near downtown

The nonprofit organization, Second Helpings Atlanta, rescues donated surplus meals and hand delivers them to Partner Agencies each day of the week according to scheduled routes.

Sandi S. Sept 2015 (1)
Photo Courtesy of Second Helpings Atlanta

Each Partner Agency provides services that assist Atlanta’s homeless communities, such as food assistance or emergency housing. The following are some of the Partner Agencies near downtown Atlanta.

  1. Providing a “hand-up, not a hand-out,” Safehouse Outreach aims to foster Atlanta’s homeless communities into self-sufficiency. Leigh Hall, the agency’s Services Coordinator, says that Second Helpings Atlanta and its food donations allow a heightened focus on other services provided to its clients.
  2. A “gateway” out of homelessness is found on downtown Atlanta’s Pryor Street at the Gateway Center. This agency works to relieve Atlanta’s excessive homelessness with case-by-case management that provides frameworks to guide people from the streets to transitional housing.
  3. Located closer to Atlanta’s Grant Park, the Genesis Center focuses on underserved families with children in order to tackle homelessness through supportive services, such as childhood education. The center’s website says that “by tackling homelessness at its source, [they] help the general experiencing homelessness today, and break the cycle for those most likely to experience it tomorrow.”
  4. For over 30 years, the St. Francis Table has provided food services to Atlanta’s hungry. It is a part of the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta’s first ever Catholic church. Every Saturday, St. Francis Table serves food to over 500 people.
  5. With more than 250 beds, My Sister’s House provides safe overnight shelter, as well as transitional and residential programs, for Atlanta’s homeless women and women with children. Located on Howell Mill Road, the facility is in association with the Atlanta Mission, an initiative to end chronic homelessness in Atlanta.

The meal delivery services provided by Second Helpings Atlanta further the efforts of each of these Partner Agencies and contribute towards ending food insecurities within the city’s homeless communities.

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