Being an ATLien during the Great American Solar Eclipse



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Sophia Marchese, Arts & Living Staff Writer
August 16, 2017

On August 21—for the first time in nearly 100 years—millions of people across the country will witness an extraordinary cosmic spectacle during the highly anticipated Great American Eclipse.

A solar eclipse is a special and rare astronomical occurrence that takes place when a New Moon passes between the sun and the earth. As the moon creeps by slowly, it blocks out the sun’s light and casts a giant shadow on certain parts of the Earth. In these mapped locations, day suddenly turns to night… READ MORE

The Lost City of Machu Picchu: My ambitious adventure to ancient history


Sophia Marchese, Arts & Living Staff Writer
July 20, 2017

We woke to the sound of our phones battling over which had the loudest alarm clock—both set for 4:00 a.m. just in case we decided to sleep through either one.

The truth was neither of us needed an alarm clock to wake up that day. I had only fallen asleep about an hour earlier, way too anxious for the day ahead to get any genuine sleep.

Eager for the day I dreamt of for many years, I was excited to finally go on the ambitious adventure I imagined since a grade school history lesson about the impressive Inca civilization of South America… READ MORE

When the dirty South meets South America: Georgia State study abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador


Sophia Marchese, Arts & Living Staff Writer
July 7, 2017

When I made the decision to apply for an international public relations program at Georgia State, I really had no idea what was in store.

I knew it would be public relations. I knew it would take place in South America. And I knew my professor, Dr. China, would be the program director.

That’s about it… READ MORE

Touch your toes and ease your mind with a regular yoga practice

Sophia Marchese, Arts & Living Staff Writer
May 4, 2017


It may seem odd that stretching your body into different shapes and sizes is great for an all-around healthier and happier lifestyle, but that’s the gift of yoga. Body strength, increased energy, improved immunity, a focused and peaceful mind, discipline, patience—the list goes on.

Above all, yoga is an opportunity to live a balanced life on and off the yoga mat. It’s certainly not just about flexibility. It’s about uniting the breath with body and mind… READ MORE

Georgia State’s College of the Arts expects to make downtown Atlanta an arts destination

Sophia Marchese, Arts & Living Staff Writer
April 18, 2017

Georgia State is finalizing its newest academic unit, the College of the Arts, that will be fully functioning as of July 2017. The college is dedicated to increasing a Georgia State image that is representative of the growing arts and related media industries in Atlanta… READ MORE

Photo Courtesy of Georgia State

Second Helpings Atlanta: Partner Agencies near downtown

The nonprofit organization, Second Helpings Atlanta, rescues donated surplus meals and hand delivers them to Partner Agencies each day of the week according to scheduled routes.

Sandi S. Sept 2015 (1)
Photo Courtesy of Second Helpings Atlanta

Each Partner Agency provides services that assist Atlanta’s homeless communities, such as food assistance or emergency housing. The following are some of the Partner Agencies near downtown Atlanta.

  1. Providing a “hand-up, not a hand-out,” Safehouse Outreach aims to foster Atlanta’s homeless communities into self-sufficiency. Leigh Hall, the agency’s Services Coordinator, says that Second Helpings Atlanta and its food donations allow a heightened focus on other services provided to its clients.
  2. A “gateway” out of homelessness is found on downtown Atlanta’s Pryor Street at the Gateway Center. This agency works to relieve Atlanta’s excessive homelessness with case-by-case management that provides frameworks to guide people from the streets to transitional housing.
  3. Located closer to Atlanta’s Grant Park, the Genesis Center focuses on underserved families with children in order to tackle homelessness through supportive services, such as childhood education. The center’s website says that “by tackling homelessness at its source, [they] help the general experiencing homelessness today, and break the cycle for those most likely to experience it tomorrow.”
  4. For over 30 years, the St. Francis Table has provided food services to Atlanta’s hungry. It is a part of the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Atlanta’s first ever Catholic church. Every Saturday, St. Francis Table serves food to over 500 people.
  5. With more than 250 beds, My Sister’s House provides safe overnight shelter, as well as transitional and residential programs, for Atlanta’s homeless women and women with children. Located on Howell Mill Road, the facility is in association with the Atlanta Mission, an initiative to end chronic homelessness in Atlanta.

The meal delivery services provided by Second Helpings Atlanta further the efforts of each of these Partner Agencies and contribute towards ending food insecurities within the city’s homeless communities.

Second Helpings Atlanta drives out the city’s hunger

Bernadette DeRodes takes 90 minutes out of each month to help Atlanta’s less fortunate. She hops in her SUV, picks up pounds of unconsumed food, and literally drives it into the hands of the city’s hungry.

DeRodes is one of over 350 volunteers that help Second Helpings Atlanta with its mission to reduce hunger and food waste throughout the five county metro area.

Bernadette DeRodes unloads her trunk full of fresh sandwiches at My Sister’s House.

“It’s amazing. Sometimes when I go to pick up food, my car is completely overflowing,” says DeRodes. “And it’s so sad to think that otherwise, all of that food would have gone to waste.”

As a dedicated nonprofit, Second Helpings Atlanta delivers nutritious food from donors around the city to its Partner Agencies assisting Atlanta’s hungry and underserved communities. With help from its passionate volunteers, the organization has rescued over 6 million pounds of surplus food from being thrown away. Continue reading “Second Helpings Atlanta drives out the city’s hunger”